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Only a few years the world community was enough to accept and evaluate a completely new concept of crypto currency. On the basis of virtual money, an incredibly large market, a full-fledged crypto-economy and a new ideology of money quickly emerged. Bitcoin, as the primary basis, ligtcoin crypto currency and many others now attract favorable and attractive prospects, high profitability, which led to the formation of a 15-billion-dollar foreign exchange market, built on new laws and foundations. You must follow all changes on market to find best digital currency to buy.

Trade in cryptocurrency: best cryptocurrency market

For those wishing to join the growing crypto-economy and participate in the trading on the market, over fifty Internet exchanges are already working on the Internet. Which of them are the most profitable, should be decided on the basis of the list of virtual money presented and the possibility of exchanging for world currencies, such as the US dollar or the euro. The largest stock exchanges at the moment are BTC China, Bitstamp, MtGox, BTC. All of them provide an opportunity to trade in the market in different pairs with the participation of the main crypto currency, ligtcoin and other forks, among themselves and with fiat money.

Recently, trading opportunities for crypto currency and best digital currency exchange have appeared on the eToro site, it is the largest social trading platform. CFD-contracts for Bitcoin had access to eToro before, but this time the currency Ethereum was added, the demand for which is now growing. CFD-contracts can also be considered an investment tool, in fact you own Bitcoin or Ethereum without creating a real crypto-purse. This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the eToro platform, which allows you to earn not only on crypto-currencies, but also on stocks, currencies, indices.

Interest in virtual money is fueled by an incredible rise in prices. For example, bitcoin has grown in value from the initial 5 cents to an incredible $ 3,000, because it is also called virtual gold. Ligtcoin, called virtual silver, is also growing rapidly in price, though with less enthusiasm. And anyway, it does not go into any comparison with the situation on the stock market, where so profitable fluctuations during the year at 5500% in price are simply impossible.

After the beginning of mass inflow of real money to the market of crypto currency, the volume of trade increased sharply. Now we are talking about billions. For example, Worldcoin boasts a capitalization of $ 16 billion, Megacoin after a price increase of thirty times is estimated at $ 30 million. The forks listed are only the best crypto currency of bitcoin and lgitcoin. At the moment, we can talk about the top ten most expensive digital money systems, which proved profitable and popular.

Bitcoin (BTC). Start: 2009. It is bitcoin that has become the basis for the nascent world of digital currencies. The beginning of the creation of the crypto currency was laid in 2009 and is a complex settlement process with subsequent encryption and the creation of an electronic key.
The limit of the number of coins will be 21 million pieces by 2040, which is argued by the settlement system used for mining. To date, 12 million are “mined”, which were initially distributed among all the participants whose computers were involved in the mining. Now the profitability of production of crypto currency is largely argued by the cost of one coin, the costs are steadily growing. All transfers from hand to hand are reflected in transactions and are irreversible, and it is almost impossible to trace the path of digital money. All purchase and sale operations with bitcoin transfer are performed directly between participants and decentralized, that is, they are performed without the participation of a common server. Proceeding from this, the turnover in the world markets of digital money can not be controlled by state bodies or any other organizations. Learn more about the crypto currency of bitcoin, as well as about investing in bitcoin. So, and now best cryptocurrency after bitcoin.

There is list of best cryptocurrency exchange 2015 and it consists of following positions:

  • Lightcoin (LTC). Start: 2011. The next bitcoin digital currency was Ligtcoin.
  • Pircoin (PPC). It is one of best cryptocurrency to invest. . Start: 2012. By popularity, this crypto currency is second only to ligtcoin. Being a copy or fork, pircoin carries in itself one key difference from its predecessors – it has no limitation in emissions. To adjust the course and volumes, inflation was introduced at a rate of 1% per year. To attract new users a new profitable approach is called for, according to which incomes are distributed not only among those who provided computing platforms, but also among the owners. This rule is primarily aimed at attracting real money and, as the facts show, works better. The capitalization of pircoin was $ 135 million six months after the start.
  • Namecoin (NMC) is one of best digital coin. Start: 201. Namecoin significantly stands out against the background of the remaining crypto currency.

This crypto currency is used as an alternative to the existing system of DNS-servers. This is an actual problem for many owners of sites and resources on the Internet, which is not satisfied with the actual monopoly of the organization ICANN. The latter manages the distribution of domain names and assigning these names to correspondences in numerical addresses. She can, at her own request, confiscate any domain name issued. Namecoin really is one of best digital currency and is used as an alternative DNS and as payment for extending the term of use of the received domain name in the .bit zone. To talk only about economic profitability does not have to happen, because value is formed not only in the value itself. Thanks to the best cryptographic encryption you can be calm for your data. The domain name can only be deleted or used by the owner or the system if there is no payment within 250 days. Of additional interest is the promise of the creators of the Namecoin to provide support for the created domain names by the browsers.

Best new cryptocurrency

One of best performing cryptocurrency is Quarkcoin (QRK). Start: 2013. It is next crypto currency, which gained high popularity in the market. It can cause many doubts about its adequacy. The popularity of crypto currency has actually been obtained exclusively on the exhortations from the creators about its super-security. As a confirmation of security, it is reported that all transactions pass through a series of nine consecutive encryptions using six different types of encryption. We can not say with certainty whether there is any kind of use in such a mania and redundancy, and whether it will be profitable and with high profitability. However, the popularity of quarkcoin is not much inferior to ligtcoin, mostly due to the involvement of risky young players.