Bitcoin exchange apps

Cryptographic money attracts not only ordinary users, who see in them a means of fast and convenient money transfers and payments. They attract great interest from traders, investors and miners. Bitcoin current rate to the US dollar is 8,148.89 US Dollar. In addition, there are various variations of crypto currency, which also differ in price, for example, the popular couple is of “bitcoin – dogecoin”.

In many countries of the world there are people who extract various coins: Bitcoins, Lightcoins, Ether and many others. With each passing year, digital money is becoming ever more firmly in our daily life. In some countries, for example in Japan, they have already passed the legalization phase as means of payment for goods and services and are used legally. The price of bitcoin is very high, for example, the exchange rate of this couple “bitcoin exchange euro” is 7 001, 52.

Top several best and useful Android applications

Below we will review the top 10 most useful and convenient mobile Android applications. Each of them is suitable for a certain group of users, depending on their needs and purposes of using crypto currency. All of them are free, and you can download them on Google Play.

Bitcoin exchange app: fast start

  • Bitcoin Checker. Has won high popularity in the field of digital money. With it, you can learn the current courses on most coins around the world. Having a simple user interface is one of its advantages because of the large amount of information that it provides. Such extensive data with a complex interface could confuse users, especially beginners in this area. It does not matter what exactly interests you – buy Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Etherium or rarer koins – this software has all the necessary information.
  • Bitcoin Price IQ. This app quickly becomes one of the popular among the users of crypto currency. Its main function is to monitor the Bitcoin rate. It will also provide you with information on current prices for 165 other digital currencies around the world. It is convenient for buying and selling coins, if you travel often, since the program allows you to always be aware of the prices in a certain region. The application also offers various other data, such as graphs for past time periods, a function for warning of sudden fluctuations in rates and other information. In combination with an attractive design, this program is a good option for tracking the course and tracking the current events on the crypto currency market. The only drawback is that the warning system is not available for all coins.
  • Bitcoin wallet from Coinbase. Allows you to manage your funds in BTC. This is one of the software of the Coinbase service, which is quite reliable in the field of crypto currency. Its features resemble the use of PayPal, but only for Bitcoin. With its help, you can bill to other users and receive payment from them. In order to protect access to the phone in case of its loss or theft can be remotely blocked. The convenient interface and wide opportunities for earnings on Exchange Bitkonin provided this application a place in the top ten.
  • Bitcoin wallet from Blockchain Luxembourg. This bitcoin wallet is one of the most popular applications for crypto currency. It has a simpler and more convenient style compared to some others. Its main functions are designed to control the balance and to view the exchange rate of more than 20 coins. There is support for 25 languages. It even boasts a fairly serious level of security. In general, this is an excellent application for beginners and those who have already started to make their first steps in the world of crypto currency.
  • Blockfolio. It is intended for active users of digital money and allows you to be used quickly to account for your virtual savings. It is possible to set parameters for user notifications if the price of a particular coin reaches a certain level. While the program allows you to track the rate of more than 800 currencies, providing detailed information about each of them. The presence of the news section will allow you to always be aware of the latest developments and keep pace with the latest developments in the field of crypto currency. This application can be called worthy of attention, if you are serious about Bitcoin and other digital money. At present, BTC is independent of any exchanges and pools, and illegal activities related to crypto-currencies are equated to similar economic crimes.

The market of crypto currency is growing and includes several thousands of other currencies! And such brokers as RoboForex, AMarkets and FXOpen, support the replenishment or withdrawal of money through Bitcoin. In addition to applications, bitcoin earning games have been developed for the production of bitcoins. The bitcoin rate fluctuates strongly, for example, bitcoin exchange 2016 differs from 2017 and even more so in 2018. Therefore, bitcoin exchange comparison it is one of the first and main components of successful mining.