Bitcoins and games

Now many people complain about hard times, lack of work and, as a result, earnings, complain about the government and the local authorities, in general, many things and many. It is impossible to disagree with such criticisms, there are indeed many negative things, and the improvement of life is still observed only in the promises of politicians before the elections. On the Internet there are a huge number of sites that offer to be bit miner while playing.

However, there have been difficulties at all times. And in any epoch they divided people into 2 camps – those who froze in their misfortunes and dutifully waited for “there at the top” to take something to improve their existence, and to qualitatively other representatives of society who independently looked for ways to improve life, if not on a global scale, then at least for “separately taken oneself.” And such ways have always been, and nowadays, when the Internet offers many types of earnings, it is simply a shame to interrupt “from bread to water” and appeal to the conscience of those in power (still will not call). You just need to set a goal and find in the World Wide Web a case that will help close the holes in your budget, and ideally will also give you pleasure. If do not want to work – play, it also brings income.

Simple games for creating bit wallet and earning bitcoin

To date, many games provide an opportunity to get a tangible win. It depends to a large extent on whether it’s a paid game or not. In addition to games there are entire software for bitcoin mining, for example, Bitcoin Adder. There are programs that warn the user about various obstacles in the mining, for example, Bitcoin Alarm and Bitcoin Alert. Formats are also different: from casual games to lotteries. The list of games that are most popular is as follows:

  • Trueflip – decentralized bitcoin lottery, based on the blockbuster;
  • Firelotto is another block lottery lottery. The lottery ticket costs only 0.003 ETH, and the prize fund of the drawing is more than 100 broadcasts;
  • Coinplants – game offers to grow plants on your farm. Bonuses are awarded every day.

There are also other games, for example, Bitcoin 2048. Bitcoin 2048 game offers to receive bitcoins with max of profit.

Bitcoin Alien

Bitcoin Aliens appeared in 2014 and immediately attracted the attention of a wide audience. At first, the crane was very generous and the collectors of satoshi, of course, liked it. Around-the-clock free distribution of Bitcoins and visitors was growing more and more. Note that many cranes at the beginning of development used a similar method to attract the target audience, but only a few survived to the present day.
Since this crane is considered promising, it’s worth to get to know it better. In the upper right corner there is a login button on the profile page where you can find all the information about the account: gender, country, email address, total number of collected satoshi and so on. The most interesting begins after the transition to the menu “bitcoin Aliens faucet”. It is here that users receive Bitcoins for free, as a reward for their daily work. The procedure for gathering Satoshi at is the same as on other similar cranes, but here there is a special feature – you need to kill aliens under the pretext of protecting the Earth from invasion. We go down, enter the captcha, confirm the action and get a certain amount of satoshi. The size of the win is calculated automatically, because each player has the right to expect the maximum amount. The game takes place every 5 minutes, which means that getting free Bitcoins will be easy.

Do you know the saying that “Good clothes open all doors”? Here, pay attention to the “clothes” of the game, in other words, its external manifestations. If this is nondescript, made on a “tyap-blunder” project, then you should not contact him. Think about yourself, as evidenced by poor quality and unpresentable design of the game? Of course, the fact that either it was “made” by a layman, and therefore it not only looks bad, but in the technical sense is far from ideal, or else the creator did not bother about users, since he set himself the task of collecting a fraction of the money and disappear from the horizon. It is clear that in one and the other case you will hardly be able to make money on such a “masterpiece”. Do not immediately invest money even in your favorite toy. Take time and a couple of weeks just watch the project, read what the participants say, notice how much their numbers are increasing or falling, etc. Only in this way will you be able to form a more or less objective opinion about the efficiency and effectiveness of the bitcoin game.