How to become a bitcoin billionaire?

Bitcoin is the world’s first crypto currency. 8 years ago it was impossible to buy anything for it. Today, the condition of those who managed to extract bitcoins in 2009 is estimated at millions of dollars. That person now became real bitcoin bill.

Why and how does bitcoin change: bitcoin balance?

In 2009, a man named Satoshi Nakamoto invented the world’s first crypto currency in order to get rid of the intermediary in the form of a bank. When we want to pay for a product or service using a card, we often have to pay a commission – even when we do not know about it. In the case of crypto currency, money passes from one electronic purse to another without any intermediate points.

Bitcoin does not have a controlling body – it does not belong to anyone and belongs to everyone. That’s why it was originally used to buy not completely legitimate things – weapons, drugs and even pay a contract killing. And person who invested in bitcoin are becoming bitcoin billionaire.
Bitcoin Bingo

Online bingo itself offers several advantages over conventional. Of course, we are talking about extra bonuses and special promotions from the site. Extra buns – it’s always great, and when the game also promises to win in bitcoins, it can make forever a choice in favor of virtual bingo. Many people like bingo not so much because of the opportunity to win money, how much for the joy of the game and the social aspect. Bitcoin-bingo does not lag behind, offering chat rooms for chatting and exchanging emotions. Completely live conversation this will not replace, but with its main function copes with cheers. That is, you can get a reward for bitcoin block and in a simple online game.

What can I buy for bitcoin and bitcoin billionaire hack

In some countries (say, in Japan and here and there in Europe) bitcoins can already be paid off – for example, to buy coffee or a house. And it’s very convenient. The funds reach instantly with minimal commissions, and most importantly, you do not need intermediaries in the person of banks or brokers to make a deal, which facilitates the transfer and makes it anonymous (crypto-currency wallets are not tied to the owner’s name).
You can not buy something officially from you – no one will give you a check. But for today in territory of the country, having bitcoins, it is possible to visit:

  • theater;
  • concert;
  • circus;
  • planetarium;
  • grocery stores “Eco-shop” and “Natural products”.


  • the technique of Apple (this possibility was provided by iPhone Service).

Pay for:

  • start-up;
  • legal services of offices.


  • flowers;
  • battery.

And even travel with one of the travel agencies of the country.

How to grow crypto?

Every person who has bitcoin is bitcoin competitor. And all people try to get as much bitcoins as possible. Theoretically, Bitcoin can be “grown” at home, on your computer. If you explain this process quite simply – then your computer must solve certain problems. This is called “mining”. Every 10 minutes a new task appears, more difficult than the previous one. If earlier one task was given about 50 bitcoins, then with an increase in the rate for solving 50 problems, you can get only 1 bitcoin.

But these tasks are constantly becoming more complicated and more complex, so ordinary computers can not cope with them anymore. To continue the “mine”, the producers of crypto-currencies create so-called farms. Their essence lies in the fact that several computers in the same room solve a problem in order to get bitcoins. Do not forget that bitcoins can be obtained in applications, for example, in bitcoin crush. Bitcoin crusher is an innovative application for mobile, the base of which contains code for mining.

This is how bitcoin crypto gets its real value. Print or touch Bitcoin can not, but the “miners” spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and electricity. In fact, it’s now become so expensive to get bitcoins that if you want to become a Bitcoin millionaire, then you already need to be a real millionaire. The bitcoine rate as of September 2 exceeded $ 5,000 per unit. It is worth noting that now in the world there are about 500 different crypto-currencies. Some of them are almost as popular as Bitcoin, others are still worthless. But, having understood this issue, you can successfully invest in promising crypto currency, and then – decently get rich. Or not, because crypto-currencies are a very very unpredictable thing.

Fill the wallet

Get the cherished bitcoins can be one of 3 ways – buy them on the exchange, buy through exchangers, or pay a friend / stranger or a completely unknown person with “live” money and get a direct transfer from him or her. The last method we will not consider, but the first two will be discussed in more detail. Note that the exchangers, most often, set a rate that is slightly higher than the exchange rate, because they add their commission, but work with them is easier than with exchanges.

When will I get my million?

Probably, one million to earn at once and it will not turn out. Bitcoin crypto exchange always varies. But, in general, given the incredible growth of bitcoin over the past three months, you can earn a million, and more – it all depends on the number of bitcoins that you buy and how long you can withhold from selling them.

Almost all analysts and economists today believe that the crypto currency will continue to grow in value. Discrepancies in their opinions concern only the date when this growth will begin to slow down. For example, the head of the exchange, the Bitmex crypto currency, breaks through the price of bitcoins to $ 5,000 on September 1, Goldman Sachs Group agrees with this price, but believe that the crypto currency will only overcome this mark by the end of 2017. There are absolutely incredible predictions about the growth of the bitcoin price to the level of $ 100 thousand in the next 3-4 years.